Cha cha cha Changes

Delta is a variant and a symbol for change

You’ve got to rearrange…

Do you remember the infamous Brady Bunch episode wherein Peter’s voice is changing and they’re about to get their big break recording a song?


We talked about changes, including carriers for cell phones and, of course, living arrangements, in the topsy-turvy world of apartment rental in the Las Vegas area lately. Sometimes you choose to change, and sometimes change is thrust upon you…

By the way, “Delta” is not only a variant of the SARS-CoV-2 virus making its way through every nook and cranny lately, it’s also the letter used to denote a change in something, like ΔT might be “change in temperature.” Apropos…

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Hosts: Nancy Hugo, Dan Hugo

Recorded 18 July 2021, Published 19 July 2021

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Speaking of The Virus

Our favorite weekly clinical update for the state of the pandemic… as of this week, Nevada is a great place to get infected, even in some cases for vaccinated people (which Dr Griffin touches in in the update), so your assignment is, as always, to be aware, stay safe, and take mitigation seriously and proactively, whether your locality has mandated these measures or not.

If you would like to track down the entire collection of shows and episodes that these team of experts assembles every week, start at the page for this very same video and journey from there:

TWiV 780: COVID-19 clinical update #71 with Dr. Daniel Griffin

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