Premature Celebration

Wear the mask, keep your distance

Check the data…

Let’s be honest, everybody was so excited to be at the end of the pandemic, that they began to celebrate with maskless and reckless abandon before we were near the finish line.

This is extra frustrating for all of us who have been staying in when we can, avoiding crowds, wearing masks when we do go to get groceries or other public interactions, keeping an eye on the news and the latest statistics… and then after all of this, we’re headed back out into the dark with cases and hospitalizations on the rise.

We don’t want to talk about this too much, but on the other hand we can’t pretend the SARS-CoV-2 virus and it’s variant friends aren’t still a big problem. When you see another death due to COVID-19, that is a death that probably didn’t need to happen, and it’s worth keepingt his topic at the fore as much as it is to keep any catastrophe front and center.

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Hosts: Nancy Hugo, Dan Hugo

Recorded 8 August 2021, Published 9 August 2021

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A Reminder

You can get your news from Facebook or Tik Tok or other social media, from your favorite local YouTuber or Alt Media outlet, or maybe even the big media players. We just suggest that you add one extra source, presented by a subject matter expert, on a YouTube/Podcasting channel populated by subject matter experts, who follow the COVID-19 topic from a scientific, rather than political perspective.

Check it out, subscribe, and hand over about 30 minutes each week to get the science handed to you:

It’s pretty simple, a mantra the Doctor has been repeating every week:

  • Get tested

  • If you have access to a vaccine take it

  • Wear a mask and behave as though you could infect others

If you’ve got someone at home or in a health care situation, with a compromised immune system, and you want to be a part of their path to good health, do the right thing, and you’ll be helping everybody around you as well.

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