The Robots Are Coming

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Automation Will Save You (Or Will It?)

We talked about a few things during this episode, but surely the place that automation and technology has in your life and ours, whether it’s how much control your phone and apps have over your day, or how much a computer rules your health and well-being online and in the cloud and at the other end of a tech support help line, and how much work robotos and AI will be doing for you so you can stay home and listen to podcasts…

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Hosts: Nancy Hugo, Dan Hugo

Recorded 22 August 2021, Published 23 August 2021

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If you’re interested in the state of affairs of technology in your life and where it might be taking all of us, check out the book mentioned during this episode:

Technopoly: The Surrender of Culture to Technology (Wikipedia)

You can find the book in all of the usual places, including audio book form.

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