Work In Fast Food Once

Maybe twice...

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Not to bash fast food work, but…

Dan and Nancy both worked in food service; Dan worked at McDonald’s a long time ago, as well as Fuddruckers (briefly). It’s a good gateway to other things, planting some seeds and exposing some realities of working with other people, for other people, with other people…

We talked about the Food Network’s Restaurant Impossible show, which is a reality show so it’s not actually reality, but it is interesting. We plan to check out one of the two rehabilitated restaurants which have been on the show in September, but here’s a blog that tracks the restaurants that have been featured and whether they’re doing better, still in business, etc.

Restaurant Impossible Updates

Are you thinking about getting a refurbished mobile device? Check that battery, if it’s been replaced as part of the refurbish package, good. If not, your used device might not have the battery life you hope for, and you might need to spend some money to replace that battery!

For what it’s worth, Dan worked at Palm on the Pre and Pixie phones, and one of the areas on which he focused was battery life and power consumption… your mileage may vary, and so might your battery life!

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Recorded 29 August 2021, Published 30 August 2021

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